Hello! I’m james-amutabi connie haines, and I founded Alt7™ Labs to help individuals uncover the root/route of their greatest potential and learn what is needed to manifest their greatest potential. 

Rooted-In-Route, is a 4-week intensive that helps people envision & create their most abundant & Badass life.

An experienced group facilitator (in meditation, mindfulness, theatre practices, creative expression, strategies for dealing with addiction and lifestyle transformation), a workshop leader, community organizer, peer counselor, cook, artist and guide. I use and teach emotional intelligence as a means of healing conflict, breaking cycles of violence, manifesting powerful mindsets and building effective partnerships across diverse cultures and communities. I'm a tender of the Hearth and creative conspirator in all things decadent, divine and abundant. Committed to fostering compassionate communities and individuals that support adults and youth in realizing their full potential. For 20 years; I have helped countless amazing people claim their power of manifestation and would love to help you. Want to work together, let me know here




I am a multimedia artist and I express my craft through the mediums of the written word, paint, digital media (audio, video, photo editing and manipulation) and collage.


I am an empowered creative spirit all about bringing more beauty, decadence, forgiveness, compassion, acceptance of complexity, and intimacy into our lives. 

I am a playground for misfits mystic, a making-shifts  shaman,  a reverent reverend, a beautifully failing flailing succeeding and creating fool, an aging saging learning player on this stage called life. 

I am a poet, a globe trotting creative captured by wanderlust and a homebound heart. Check out the art that has come through me here.

In Dignity, james-amutabi